The aim of the Computer Science for Aerospace (CSA) Master Degree is to educate future computer scientists and managers, within an international working environment, selecting talented students from all around the world. It aims to provide specialist high-level core knowledge and a unique specialty in computer science for aerospace, encompassing both hardware and software skills.

Based in Toulouse, the leading European city in Aeronautics and Space, it benefits from high-level courses given by lecturers, researchers and engineers from world-leading companies and research laboratories: IRIT, LAAS, ONERA, Airbus Defence&Space, Thales, CNES, IRT Saint-Exupéry, among others. This unique setting means that there are strong links and a long history of collaboration between the university and aerospace companies.

Students enroll in a two-year curriculum covering the fundamental notions of Critical systems, Embedded systems, Safety, Security, Certification, Interactive systems, Dedicated architectures, Networks and systems, Real-time systems, Image analysis, Artificial intelligence, Information systems and Databases.

A Master Thesis in a research laboratory and/or industry is mandatory in the second year, allowing each student to further specialize and open doors to both academic and industrial careers. Also, possibilities of internships within leading companies are provided in both years to complement the skills of each student.

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