Invitation Séminaire vendredi 22/09

La présentation sera en anglais, merci de me prévenir (David) si vous compter venir pour que je vienne vous chercher à l’accueil. La salle 175 est dans la zone badgé de l’IRIT.

The STORM team invites you to its weekly seminar where Sara Casti will present her current research on Cage Generation for Animation Purposes.

The seminar is about cages and cage-based animation. A cage is a type of handle which is used to speed up the animation pipeline, simplifying animators’ workload. We are going to talk about cage properties and related issues. In particular we focus on cage generation, which is the most tedious task in the cage-based animation pipeline. Due to the importance of the problem, we propose a method to construct high quality cages, coarse enough to be manipulated easily, which catch all meaningful parts of the original model, thus providing a good abstraction of the shape for animation purposes..

The seminar will take place the 22/09 at 12:30pm in the Salle 175 at IRIT-2.